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Faith Based Counseling in Montgomery, Alabama

Linda Holmberg, LPC, provides Christian Counseling and Faith-based Therapy services in Montgomery, Alabama. (334) 546-8970

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Free Will

“I once heard a theologian remark that in the Gospels people approached Jesus with a question 183 times whereas he replied with a direct answer only three times. Instead, he responded with a different question, a story, or some other

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I Have A New Website!

Mental Health Care in Montgomery, Alabama

Well, Here It Is! I invite you to browse my new website and learn more about my therapy services. As I continue adding new content, you will discover: Additional information about my therapy treatments My mission and philosophy Mental Health Care news

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Linda Holmberg, LPC | Montgomery, AL My name is Linda Holmberg.

Do you feel "lost"? Are you having trouble finding your way?

I would be honored to accompany you on your journey and offer a listening ear and guidance as we travel together.

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